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Boise Wedding Florist

Our Resolution...

Happy New Year to you! This year we've got a lot of goals on our list but we wanted to share a major one with you... This year we are changing the way we operate our floral department! We are committed to becoming a more Eco-Friendly business. To find out what that means, read in more detail below. And Cheers! Cheers to the new year and the ever-evolving YOU.

No Chemicals...

Many florists are encouraged to make their floral creations last longer than nature allows, and so the industry has come up with formulas and concoctions to extend the life of their work. Understandable, yes. Green, NO. Most of these chemicals end up being inhaled, dumped into water supplies and are simply just a danger to have around. We at R+T promise to never use any chemicals in our designs. Rest assured that our designs don't need it. We are committed to providing an excellent product, and if that means managing the life of the flowers more closely, and shifting the timeline of our process, than so be it!

Green Florist, Wedding Flowers, Rust and Thistle

Image by Ben + Joella

Floral Foam...

Okay, foam makes it easy. To us, that's not reason enough to participate in the enormous waste production of the wedding industry. This foam stuff, it literally never goes away... it just sits in landfills somewhere, never breaking down. Bet you didn't know that each wedding produces an average of 400-600 lbs of garbage? The facts are startling. This amount of waste adds up to roughly 66 tons of Co2. Scary stuff. We are committed to doing our part in reducing that number starting with reducing our use of floral foam, eventually cutting it out of our designs entirely. We already refuse to use it unless necessary "design-wise" but this year, we will focus on creating new ways to design... safer, healthier ways.

Boise Wedding Florist, Rust and Thistle

Image by Kendra Elise Photography


Here is the fun part! This year, after each wedding, we will be giving away all the "left-over" arrangements and florals to the families of the wedding couple OR donating to a local hospital in the Boise area. It'll be like giving the flowers another life... if you will. Follow along on our Instagram or Facebook pages to see this in action this year. We will even be coordinating some random "drops" and announcing the locations on Instagram for your chance to scoop some up in town.

Boise Wedding Florist, Rust and Thistle

Image by Ben + Joella

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