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How To Host A Successful Pop Up Shop

Well, Mother's Day came and went quickly this year no?! We are pleased to announce that our Pop Up Shop at Hyde Perk Coffee was a total success. After talking to many other makers and florists in the past about pop up successes and failures, I thought it might be nice to share a few tips. There is so much work that goes into these events so here's a few pointers for those of you who have been wanting to try an event like this...

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Choosing The Best Local Venue

First, choose a venue that you know is consistently busy. Choose a venue where people go to when they have a little extra time and aren't in a rush to be somewhere else. Coffee shops and boutiques are great places to host a pop up event because people tend to linger and have the time to check out your set-up.

Advertise + Pre Sales

Now that you've got the perfect venue, start advertising in advance. Perhaps line up some pre-sale specials or make a flyer with the general info of the event. Post this on social media or at the venue itself, so people know you're coming. This tends to be super helpful for a holiday event like Mother's Day because people may wait to buy your product if they know you'll be there.

Flower Pop Up Shop

Foot Traffic

It's important to set up your station in a way that caters to foot traffic. This way, you're approachable to everyone and not just those at the particular venue. Outside the venue is ideal but I know weather can be a factor. Have a plan B lined up in case you get rained out!

Clear Pricing

Post clear pricing! People don't want to have to ask the cost of your goods. Seriously, it's awkward and can be a deterrent for those just walking by. Also, don't forget to get a credit card reader for your phone or tablet. Most everyone these days doesn't carry around extra cash, so it's best to be prepared to handle cards. Cards though can be a little expensive for the vendor. Fees fees fees! One tip is to charge a little less for cash purchases as an incentive for your customers.

Thank Your Venue

Flower Pop Up Shop

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