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5 Ways To Save Your Wedding Bouquet

Don't toss it! We've put together a few ways for you to enjoy it for all the years to come...

Make Some Potpourri

Make a big bunch of potpourri (by following instructions online) and divide into a few cute baggies or boxes to give to all the mothers and grandmothers of the family! Save some for yourself, of course!

Rust and Thistle, potpourri, dried bouquet

Turn It Into A Dried Wreath

All you need is a quick trip to a craft store and some hot glue. You can even add elements from your back yard in your first house as a married couple together. It's easy to get creative with this one...

Dried Wreath, Rust and Thistle

The Dry It Upside Down

This one is a no literally hang it upside down until it's dried out. Yea, it's easy and it makes for a cute wall hanging or detail to your potting shed decor.

Dried Bouquet, Rust and Thistle

Dry And Add To An Ornament Or Jar

This is a cute one too! Save just some of the rose buds and dry them out, then place them in a clear glass ball ornament, a vase, or a jar and place them on bookshelf somewhere!

Dried Bouquet Ideas, Rust and Thistle

Hide Some Blooms

BUT this one is my favorite... Press some of the bigger flowers and hide them in your favorite books. Eventually you'll forget, but when you go to read that favorite novel again, you'll have a sweet little surprise waiting for you inside!

Press flowers, Rust and Thistle

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