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Trust Me: Splurge For That Wedding Photographer

Here's why we think it's okay to splurge for that photographer you love and have been following for years... even when you could easily just hire someone for a couple hundred, last minute.

Trust You'll Be In Good Hands

There is enough to stress about before and during your wedding, you'll be glad you chose an artist that you trust. You'll be more in the moment, more candid and more natural. Side note *I'm not saying that you can't find a great photographer out there that charges a crazy small amount for their services, I'm just saying, find someone who's work you absolutely love and if that means you're over-budget... so be it. Every time you look at your photos post wedding, you'll be grateful for this decision. PROMISE.

Kat Bevel Photography, Best Wedding Photography

photo via Kat Bevel Photography

You'll Feel More Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

If you're anything like me, you hate getting your photo taken and feel like you make the weirdest faces and often do the '1, 2, 3...blink' shot! A good photographer will be able to capture you and your day without making you feel nervous or uncomfortable. I mean, I forgot that our photographer was even there shooting and because of that, I really feel like my wedding photos capture the true essence of me and my dream man.

Kendra-Elise Photography, Best Wedding Photography

photo by Kendra-Elise Photography

They Will Go Above And Beyond

A photographer that you love will also love you. I've heard countless stories of couples who end up being great friends with their wedding photographers or even hiring them again years later for a vow renewal or event. There's a good chance that the connection you feel with them, they will feel in return and in turn, they will go above and beyond your expectations of them. Maybe they will stay a little later into the night or put together a little slideshow set to your favorite songs. Point is, you'll see their hard work and their commitment to your day.

Anna Wiley Photography

photo by Anna Wiley Photography

Your Wedding Will Be Shared or Featured (If You're Into That)

It's not for everyone and it doesn't have to be, BUT, if you work hard to make your wedding your DREAM WEDDING and you succeed... that work deserves to be shared. You deserve it so why not?!

Virginia and Evan Studios, Best Wedding Photography

photo by Virginia + Evan Studios

Your Other Vendors Will Appreciate It Too

Everyone from your cake vendor to your lighting designer will appreciate the work of a truly talented photographer. Every vendor puts in so much effort to make an event what it is and for the most part, that work is temporary. As a florist for example, every arrangement I create feels like a piece of art, but it won't last forever, so a photographer that can capture all the floral details and really make them shine, is the best gift to us.

Rust and Thistle, Boise Florist, Megan Holly Clouse

Photo by Megan Holly Clouse

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