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Emily Campagna, owner of Rust and Thistle Floral is a Boise Wedding florist and Wedding and Event Florist serving the Sun Valley, McCall and Boise, Idaho area. Her floral design studio is run on her property in Downtown Boise.

Emily Campagna, the creative force behind Rust and Thistle Floral, is a visionary in the world of floristry. As the owner and lead designer of this esteemed Boise-based floral studio, Emily brings a blend of artistry, passion, and personal touch to every arrangement she crafts. With a focus on weddings and events, Rust + Thistle has become synonymous with exquisite floral design for weddings in the Sun Valley, McCall, and Boise, Idaho areas.

Emily's journey into the floral industry began humbly in 2012, when she established Rust + Thistle in the cozy confines of her apartment kitchen. What started as a labor of love, creating stunning floral arrangements for friends and family weddings, quickly blossomed into a thriving business fueled by Emily's innate talent, years of educations and mentoring and her unwavering dedication.

Over the years, Emily's signature style has evolved, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Idaho's landscapes and her own imaginative flair. Her designs are characterized by a harmonious blend of textures, colors, and seasonal blooms, creating enchanting displays that captivate the senses and evoke emotion.

Beyond her exceptional craftsmanship, Emily is revered for her personalized approach to each client's vision. She understands that every wedding and event is unique, and she takes the time to collaborate closely with her clients, ensuring that every floral creation reflects their individual style and story.

With Rust + Thistle, Emily has not only cultivated a thriving business but also a community of delighted clients who trust her to bring their floral dreams to life. Whether it's an intimate elopement in the mountains or a lavish celebration in the heart of Boise, Emily Campagna and Rust and Thistle Floral are synonymous with beauty, elegance, and unforgettable moments.


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