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The Best Wedding Photographers in Boise

Wedding planning is intense, some say it's like having a second job even. In Boise, a few options are no brainers, like finding your perfect wedding dress at the bridal shop, Élsca Bride. Or, like booking your dream venue, perhaps at Still Water Hollow. Some choices however, aren't as easy...

A Wedding Photographer is a critical part of your wedding planning so we have put together a list of our Favorite Boise Wedding Photographers to showcase for all you 2017 couples. Check out these wildly talented artists below!

Kylie Morgan Photography

This traveling photographer stuns with her aesthetic and unique style. Kylie has generated a huge buzz in the photography community and shoots both local and afar for engagements, elopements and weddings. As far as we can tell there is no one else in Boise quite like her! Go ahead and check out more of her stunning gallery here.

Kylie Morgan Photographer, Boise Wedding

Leif Brandt Photography

New to Boise but not new to the world of wedding photography, Leif has been featured... everywhere. We love his style, especially his black and white photography and we know his career here will only boom. He also seems to have, like the best sense of humor out there. You can see that sense of humor and get more info on his 2017 season right over here!

Leif Brandt Photography, Boise Wedding Photography

Makayla Madden Photography

Okay, Makayla has been shooting since age 14...Enough said. Seems like she can do just about anything... even Boudoir! We love Makaylas ability to capture the most intimate wedding moments, like this one below. Find out more info regarding pricing and booking via her website.

Makayla Madden Photography, Boise Wedding Photography

Jenny Losee Photography

Jenny's work is intimate and wildly dreamy. She works as a film photographer in and around the Pacific Northwest and has been featured on multiple wedding blogs around the country. Be on the lookout for her work in the next issue of Rocky Mountain Bride this coming January. To inquire with Jenny Losee Photography click here.

Jenny Losee Photography, Boise Wedding Photographer

Glean Photography

Jaime is a Documentary Style Wedding Photographer. She has mastered the art of capturing a candid moment with her style. She thrives on the opportunity to create a lasting "heirloom" for her couples and their big day. Head on over here to get more info on Glean Events and booking for the 2017 season.

Glean Photography, Boise Weddings

Kendra Elise Photography

Can we talk about the light in this photo? Kendra gets it right, every single time. A highly experienced film photographer out of Boise, serving near and far destinations, Kendra continually impresses with her natural talent and ability to capture literally all of the details. This photo is just a taste of her beautiful style. See more here!

Kendra Elise, Boise Photographer

Ben + Joella Photography

This duo is so obviously passionate. Recently pursuing photography full time, this husband and wife team have made such a splash in the Boise community. Their style is all their own and they shoot weddings fully with natural light. Film is their forte and I think you can see why! Check out more of their beautiful work here.

Ben and Joella, Boise Wedding Photography

Photo via Ben + Joella

Nate Perkes Photography

A "visual storyteller" like Nate is hard to come by. We love all of his work but we seriously can't get enough of his use of lines and balance like in this picture below. Nate's style is classic and sharp yet wild and raw. Do yourself a favor and head on over to his gallery to see more of his wedding portfolio.

Nate Perkes Photography
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