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Trendy Decor Ideas for Your Holiday Party

Every year we do a little decorating of our own but let's be honest, we don't love accumulating...stuff AND it's not always environmentally friendly, which is a big deal for us at Rust + Thistle... BUT that doesn't mean we can't still add a little merry to our space. This year we've tried a few ideas we found trending online and blogged them here for you all to try too. You don't have to be a florist for these ones either... Promise.

The Dried Orange or Lemon Garland

Easier than pie... Cut an orange, lemon, or both, into thin slices and bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours. Once dry, pierce small holes and thread yarn or twine to bind them together into a garland. These look great hanging vertically too. These garlands add an instant charm to any window or mantel and they smell like a dream. We also love adding dried citrus to wreaths so... if you've got left overs... Tip: Once done, easy to compost!

Holiday garland, dried orange garland, free people

Image via Free People

The Updated Charlie Brown Tree

Okay, so for those of you who know me, you also know that I've lived in a lot of small spaces. This happy holiday detail is a favorite of mine and it works to add a little holiday charm without taking up too much space or requiring a lot of new materials. I once made one for a hotel restroom and lobby and received tons of compliments. Also, it's super cute to add a small version of these to a guest room... your holiday company will love it! Supplies: A few branches from your tree, your backyard of your local xmas tree vendor, a jar or vase, and some extra ornaments.

Holiday Decor, minimalist holiday

Image via Brit + Co

Mini Tree's from Cedar Scraps

GET OUT YOUR GLUE GUN. Honestly you can make these from just about anything but you will need some slices of wood for the bases. These are made from Cedar scraps but we tried making them with pine and eucalyptus and they are super cute too. Cedar will hold up for a few weeks and even dries nicely so if you can, get your hands on some Cedar scraps. Many xmas tree stands will happily get rid of some of their scraps, just ask! For more instructions on these cuties, head on over to Say Yes.

Holiday decor, minimal holiday

Image via Say Yes

Winter a vase

Seriously, it's that easy. Take a nice long walk in the snow, bring some scissors... We added an LED light strand to our jar but we're minimalists and we like it this way too. Try placing on a stairway landing, or a shelf in your mud room. It's all in the details.

holiday decor, minimal holiday

Sprigs in Bottles

This is like the minimalists answer to a snow globe and we love it. Dainty, subtle, and clean. Ya'll don't need any directions for this one but just in case... trim some cuttings off your already existing tree, toss them into some bottles and grab some white taper candles next time you're at Trader Joe's. Cluster them with some loose greens on your table for the perfect Christmas centerpiece.

holiday decor, minimal holiday

Local Boise Insta Holiday Love... @jannansmith

Your house looks great...we're coming over. K?

Jannan Smith, Boise, Holiday Decor

Image via @jannansmith

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