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Planning A Memorable Wedding

Impress your guests using these simple ideas and make your wedding even more memorable. With these unique idea's, you'll have everyone saying "Best wedding we've EVER been to!"

Sky Lantern Send Off

There is something about fire, the night sky and warm evening air that everyone enjoys. Adding Sky Lanterns to your reception is sure to make everyone feel like a kid again and create lasting memories for all of your guests. You can find them here.

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These will add so much magic to your photos but also to the faces of everyone attending your wedding. Just be sure your venues allows it and stock up!

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How-I-Met-You Stories

It's often that the toasts at a wedding are the most fun and entertaining part. That's because everyone loves a good story. The stories that are told at weddings range from heartfelt and belly-laugh-funny. Try developing ways to incorporate more story telling into your reception. Maybe the wedding party shares funny stories of how you all met or that one time, at a concert when...

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Boutonnieres For Everyone

Recently, one of our couples requested boutonnieres for everyone attending the wedding. How sweet is that?! They are planning on having their flower girls pin them on as people arrive. Of course, this can get expensive but there are ways to make them affordable. We suggested using only a bit of textured greenery which cuts down on product cost significantly. Having something like this for everyone is a surefire way to show people how much you care and how important they are to you. It's also a sweet little gift for them to take home and pin to their car sun visor or office cork board.

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This idea came to me when my husband said he wanted "to play lots of games at our wedding." At first, I thought... 'Gosh, NO! Absolutely not. Nobody is going to want to play games.' We ended up compromising and settled on just one game. It turned out to be one of the highlights of our night... (that and the midnight mountain hike!) Our guests got a kick out of the game and had so much fun participating. Heck, half of the all the phone videos from the wedding are of our guests relay racing in gowns and suits and they are just hysterical!

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