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Mother's Day Plea!

Mother's Day is right around the corner... mark your calendars. It's next Sunday! As you may have guessed, it's one of the biggest days in the floral industry and so here is our plea. PLEASE shop local this next week because honestly, supporting local will help us all. Check out some incredible ways supporting local helps YOU!

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Local Economy

Turns out, spending about $100 on a local business helps to directly return approximately 68% of that money back into the local economy. Compared to about 48% from a big retail chain.

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Local Environment

By supporting local businesses, like farmers and florists, you are helping your local environment because less emissions are used to push product from say, out of town, out of state and even out of the country.

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Help Create Local Jobs

The support of small and local businesses creates more local jobs for your communities which in turn, helps the local economy thrive and grow. For every $1,000,000 spent in local businesses, approximately 2.2 jobs are created. Big retail stores only create 1.3 jobs per million.

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There are so many ways to support local this week when it comes to Mother's Day. Try gift giving from a local bookstore, or having brunch at that mom + pop cafe down the street, and of course, support your local boutique florist! Join Rust + Thistle next Saturday May 13th, 2017 at Hyde Perk Coffee House in Downtown Boise from 10-1pm for local bouquets for mom!

Boise Mother's Day

If you have any great wedding or industry ideas, send them our way. We now feature guest blog posts! Send us a message via the contact me page to be featured.

'Til next time...


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