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How To Pick The Right Suit For A Formal Occasion

We all know the phrase ‘dress to impress’ and it’s important to make sure that you look the part for whatever event you’re heading too. Dressing well and looking good can give us confidence and makes us feel good.

Sometimes though, it can be difficult to know what to wear to certain events. In these instances, it’s sometimes a better investment to look into getting your own custom suit; The Gwyn is a great company who will be able to create you a suit to fit you perfectly. Before you head off for your custom suit, check out our guide to picking the right suit for a formal event, so you know you're getting the right suit for your occasion.

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Lounge Suits

Lounge suits are typically worn for work, but if you’re heading to a more relaxed formal event, such as an informal wedding, then they are also suitable here. They are usually worn during the day. For this, you are expected to wear a classic suit with a smart shirt and tie.

Morning Suits

Morning suits are recommended for weddings in the late morning or early afternoon, and are usually worn by the male members of the bridal party rather than the guests. If it’s a very formal daytime wedding, then a morning suit may be appropriate. In this case, men would wear a morning coat, waistcoat and striped trousers.

Black Tie and Tuxedos

In instances that call for formal or black tie, then a dinner suit or tuxedo should be worn. This is usually worn for evening weddings or special occasions. In these situations, the suit should consist of a single-breasted dinner jacket and dinner trousers. You should pair this with a white pleated shirt that has a classic or wing collar, and worn with a black bow tie. You can also wear a dinner suit with a business shirt and long tie.

White Tie and Tails

This is in fact the most formal of suit options. Typically they will be worn for weddings or events after 6pm, and the invitation will specify white tie. White tie should only be worn with a white Marcelle dress shirt, which should have a wing or standard collar. This should come with a white bow tie and Marcella white waistcoat. Finally, this should be worn with tails.


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