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Here's Why You NEED a Day-Of-Coordinator

So listen, you're getting married. You should enjoy it... right?! Here's how hiring a Day-Of-Coordinator is one of the best things you can do for YOU on your wedding day and see how it'll relieve some of that pre-wedding stress.

For Some Peace of Mind

During the weeks leading up to your wedding, you'll be stressing out about all the little details coming together just so. When you hire a Day-Of-Coordinator, you can trust that they will take on the task of stressing for you. This way, you're not worried that the 200 candles will be lit in time for the ceremony and the flower girl won't lose her basket of blooms just before you're about to walk down that aisle.

Rust and Thistle

It'll Be Smooth Sailing

Things WILL come up. Someone will lose a boutonniere or the cake will be late or you'll be 6 chairs short for some random reason even though you checked your rental list ten times. The Coordinator will mask it all. To you, the Bride and Groom, everything will appear to be going flawlessly. The Coordinator is there to put out fires and to make last minute calls to insure that the schedule flows and that no major incidents or hiccups ruin the day!

No More Awkward Convos

Have to tie up loose ends with a vendor? Maybe you forgot to send that final payment? No worries, you don't even have to think twice. A Coordinator works as the middleman between vendors and couple.... it's our job to pass out gratuities at the end of the night or hand over any final payments so that you can get one last glass of champagne, and kiss your guests goodnight.

We've Done This Before

You probably haven't done this before? Or at least not with THE one. So, you're bound to come across a few difficulties and that's okay. It's best to have someone around to bounce ideas off of, right? Having someone looking over your timeline for the day or the layout of the space who has done this...over and over...they'll be able to foresee challenges that you might face and point out any flaws before it's too late.

You Want The Control, And That's Okay

Look, you'll still have ALL the control. A Day-Of-Coordinator is best for the couple that does in fact want to be in control of their wedding, its design and style, but just needs a little help to conduct the day. So don't worry, it's your show and we are just here to help you run it!


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